Hi, I'm Andre Barrett 👋🏽

I'm an Entrepreneur, Investor and Software Engineer


You will find my ramblings or any general advice I have to give here

How to become a Great Software Engineer

How I coach developers to become great Software Engineers in the shortest time possible After coaching and mentoring Software Engineers for over 20 years, I tend to have a knack for ensuring Software Developers become as good as they can be in the shortest time possible. Running my Software Development consultancy as efficiently as possible relies on it because I need the new developers and trainees to get good quickly so that they can start contributing as soon as possible.

The most powerful action to achieve more success

A question that I frequently encounter while coaching is, “How can I be more successful?” The answer to this question is so simple that to most people it will seem absurd. The key to success for a lot of individuals is to start with this one fundamental action; STOP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LET GO! This idea may come as a shock to you but if you stop for a minute and give it some thought it makes perfect sense.