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Posted on July 15, 2021  (Last modified on January 19, 2023 )
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Trading Background

I have actively traded the financial markets since 2010. My trading experience includes trading Shares, CFD, Spread Betting and Options. I trade in asset classes such as Currencies, Commodities, Equities and Indices.

I have undertaken various Financial Education courses always seeking to improve my understanding of the financial markets. The list of which can be seen below.

My trading style is a Top Down Macroeconomic Asset selection process for generating trade ideas in: Indices Equities Commodities Currencies Rates

I use a Top Down and Bottom Up appraisal for Sector and Stock selection. The process involves calculating Statistical Distribution of: Asset Returns OHLC Volatility An Implied Volatility Assessment across Equities, Currencies, and Commodities.

I use GDP Correlations (Lag Effects) to Asset Prices, Industry Sector (Value Chain) analysis, Stock analysis using Fundamental, Technical and Price action in order to generate trade ideas for Alpha.

All of this is then overlaid with Risk Management using: Watchlist generation Technical chart analysis and price action Beta Hedging (Equities) Portfolio Construction Parameters Long/Short Equity selection Kelly criterion (all asset classes).

Financial Education

Mentoring From Former Professional Trader (Former Toronto Dominion Securities)- Jason McDonald

Professional Trading Guidance and Mentorship:

Institute Of Trading And Portfolio Management (Former Goldman Sachs) - Anton Kreil

Professional Trading Course which covered:

London Academy Of Trading (LAT) – Paddy Osborn

Financial Asset Technical Analysis Course which covered:

Certificate In Quantitative Finance Program (CQF) - Paul Wilmott

Financial Engineering course which covered:

Chartered Financial Analyst Program (CFA level 1 & 2) – CFA Institute

Investment Management Course which covered:

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