Hi, I'm Andre Barrett 👋🏽

I'm an Entrepreneur, Investor and Software Engineer

Trade Hero Pro

Trade Hero Pro

I personally developed the platform out of the need to facilitate my trading. I could find no other platform that could reliably give me the quantitative and qualitative data I needed to

Although the Bloomberg terminal gave high quality reliable data, it wasn’t suited for a retail trader like myself. It’s clunky UI and exhorbitant fees is perfectly suited towards professional institutions. What about the rest of us who don’t wear suits and talk in a complex language to justify our jobs?

When I started developing the project many years ago, no platform exited to allow a retail trader to trade using the same strategies as a sophisticated professional trader. So I built my own. To date, I still haven’t seen anything that comes close.

A global macro hedge fund using a long/short trading strategy and good risk management needs to

Trade Hero Pro fulfils all the requirements of a Buy Side institution such as a Hedge Fund. Just without the ridiculous price tag. This gives regular retail traders the same advantage as their professional counterparts.

In the retail industry they name sophosticated professional traders as “The Smart Money”. They are the traders that typically don’t lose money and accumulate wealth gradually. It turns out the name Smart Money is a misnomer. Until now, they were simply equipped with better tools for the job.