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Posted on July 15, 2021  (Last modified on January 19, 2023 )
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I’m Andre Barrett. I live in London where I run multiple business ventures and write software.

I have loved writing software ever since I wrote my first few lines of executable code when I was 10 years old. One of my fondest memories is of the first ever computer I ever owned; the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (which coincidentally is as old as I am).

My dream growing up was to be an inventor. And I soon found out, the only thing I loved as much as computers was being an entrepreneur. It turned out to be the perfect pairing. I could create things for people and sell it to them. Looking back, it seems staring my digital agency iMobilize was inevitable.

Today, I’m the founder of Barrett Ventures. It’s a holding company that starts, buys and ultimately incubates small companies so they can scale. We put in place the operational expertise, technology and marketing necessary to provide these businesses with substantial growth. The portfolio of Barrett Ventures currently includes businesses in industries such as engineering, fitness, property development, online education and fintech.

Amongst helping to run these various companies, I also consult and offer coaching services for business and investing.

Andre Barrett software engineer

Here is my resume:

Software Engineering Background

I am a multi-skilled CTO and Entrepreneur with comprehensive experience in leading software development teams to deliver the highest quality, global brand iOS and Android mobile apps, Web apps, and Server-side applications.

For over 10 years, I have been running a Software Development consultancy called iMobilize Ltd. The team consists of full-time employees and a temp offshore team.

The team includes: iOS Engineers Android Engineers Full-stack Engineers Java/React/Angular/HTML Graphic Designer Project Manager

The team is focussed on delivering scalable mobile and web applications with great UI/UX. We do this by A) Using the latest UI/UX design practices B) Developing on top of the latest tech stacks served on robust platforms such as GCP C) Great Architectural Design, Continuous Integration and TDD

As a company I have delivered projects that include: Java/Kotlin backends on top of Spring Boot/Spark and Vertx Web frameworks Web frontends using Angular/React javascript frameworks and Webpack Stateless Mobile friendly JSON API’s with OAuth 2 authorization Oauth/Third party provider logins such as Facebook, Google and Auth0

iMobilize has been employed by well known brands such as Sainsburys, Discovery Channel, Gamesys, OddsChecker, Ben Sherman and Sky.

I have also worked with numerous startups acting as an interim CTO. In my roles I have undertaken Leading and Mentoring, Project Management, Solutions Architecture, UX and UI Design, Software Development and Online Marketing.

My particular areas of expertise are:

IT Skills and comptencies

Academic Qualifications

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